About The Manor Country House Hotel

You will be tempted to take up residence by your windowsill, lapping up your very own slice of Oxfordshire. Taking in the unspoiled views over The Manor’s gardens onto the rolling hills while listening to the serene sounds of nature are the perfect antidote from a busy daily life, especially when enjoyed with tipple in hand. It’s these moments that you’ll just want to hold on to.

Executive Suites are the largest bedrooms in The Manor. Offering the most perfect of accommodation options at the height of luxury and space, or as a generous family room, these suites are made up of two inter-connecting spaces. A welcoming King Size bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom while a separate sitting area is ideal to give another opportunity to make yourself at home.

With so many beautiful places to visit and fun experiences beckoning, Oxfordshire is a jewel in Britain’s crown and The Manor the perfect backdrop.

Origin 01

Built for Osney Abbey’s bailiff, Weston Manor House is a late 15th/early 16th Century building.

It was originally built within a 13th Century moat, but only two sides of this survived until they were filled in 1908.

Origin 02

In the 16th Century, the house was re-fronted, with the beautiful entrance hall and Tudor fireplace within also of this period.

The house was assessed at 20 hearths in 1665 with the introduction of Charles II's hearth tax.

Origin 03

The drawing room panelling dates from just before the turn of the 17th Century, from the reign of William and Mary.

Around 1780 the 16th century Great Hall was revamped with a timber rooftop outline and linenfold paneling that had been transferred from Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire.

Origin 04

The 16th-century front was replaced in about 1820[3] and the Hon. Rev. F.A. Bertie then went ahead with further alterations and renovations in 1851. Weston Manor is now a hotel.


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