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How can your Company Benefit from Off Site business Meetings?


Company meetings are a given in business. However, it is not always possible to fit an extensive meeting agenda into a two-hour regular meeting time slot. Increasing the meeting time in a regular meeting room can however pose problems; attention span, comfort, boredom, therefore making it less effective, less productive and not as worthwhile. This is where Off Site meetings and Staff Retreats can benefit your business.

Conducting Effective Off Site Meetings & Staff Retreats

There are often times in business where important meetings need to be held, perhaps to review the last year, look at the future plans of the company, discuss a launch; whatever the reason it is most effective to move away from your regular surroundings, where you can’t be distracted by phone calls, emails and tasks. Conducting a productive and worthwhile company meeting can often be best achieved in a different environment, such as The Manor. Our Off-Site meeting and conference facilities and Staff Retreats offer a tranquil environment for which to conduct your meeting.

Time for Reflection and Renewal

Committing your time to a scheduled off site meeting removes a lot of the daily distractions that occur in an office environment. This puts you and your colleagues in the best headspace in order to fully focus on the topic in hand, which in turn will achieve a more productive and effective meeting outcome.

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Team Building

A great reason to organise an offsite meeting or staff retreat is as part of a team building exercise. By investing in a venue that is a change from your normal environment, can not only inspire your team, but can create the environment and set the scene for the day more effectively, enabling you to structure the day’s schedule in a way that keeps everyone interested. With refreshments and lunch available, your team will feel well looked after and ready to approach the different sections of the day with enthusiasm.


Your agenda will vary depending on the purpose and theme of your off site meeting or staff retreat. Breaking it up into “bite size” chunks will make the five or six-hour long meeting seem less daunting, and allows your team to focus on each part of the day as it comes. For example, an introduction to the day opens up the meeting and is a chance to outline the agenda and goals of the day.

Productivity and Work Morale

Combining work and play into your schedule will not only allow you to achieve your objectives of the day more effectively, but will also give your team a boost. By incorporating something like a murder mystery event into your daily agenda of your Off-Site Meeting or Staff Retreat will enable you to show a fun side to the company which in turn will improve your team’s feeling of morale and solidarity with their colleagues. This in turn can lead to a greater feeling of belonging within the company and a desire to be productive and achieve at work.

The Manor can provide a fantastic location for conferences, Off Site Meetings and Staff Retreats. With our beautiful interior, picturesque gardens and dedicated staff you will be sure to have a smooth running and productive day, leaving you and your company feeling accomplished and satisfied that your business time has been well spent.

With excellent transport links from London, Birmingham, Oxford and Milton Keynes, The Manor is well situated, and can offer a number of different room options depending on your requirements. With our award-winning kitchen team, you will be in for a treat, and we are able to offer a range of menu options to suit your requirements.

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